Helen Thompson



Helen's creative journey began with textiles and has now progressed beyond that to mixed media. In the gallery can be found highly textured paintings on canvas. She uses all sorts to create texture, such as material, tissue paper, glue, string and old papers, sometimes leaving text to show through. The flowers from her garden, all forms of vessels and landscapes are favourite subjects. Helen's other passion for collages uses found images or photographs that have been distressed and montaged together with layers of paints, inks together with old papers and everyday ephemera to tell a story. It may be a sense of place or an emotion and often includes words, such as song lyrics, proverbs and quotations. Helen likes to create work that cannot be comprehended at one glance, the more you look into them the more you see. She has carried out a number of private commissions and also sells high quality giclee prints and cards of her originals. Follow her blog on www.hmtmixedmedia.blogspot.co.uk

CONTACT can be made via email:- helenmarythompson@hotmail.co.uk